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The best tactical gear and body armor with the highest quality and affordable prices. Civilian, Law Enforcement and Military gear and accessories. Body armor, police body vest, plate carriers, gloves, apparel, underwear, k-9 gear, dog harnesses and accessories. Soft Armor - Several Levels of Protection - Made in USA ...

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BlueStone Safety makes high quality law enforcement equipment, gun holsters, and belly bands for concealed carry. Proudly Made in the USA! Create Your Own Custom Vest Carrier - BlueStone Safety Products

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The best tactical gear and body armor with the highest quality and affordable prices. Civilian, Law Enforcement and Military gear and accessories. Body armor, police body vest, plate carriers, gloves, apparel, underwear, k-9 gear, dog harnesses and accessories.

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Pawn Armor is proud to offer these effective, affordable and legally manufactured plates to law enforcement officers and hobbyists alike. All our plates are handmade in Florida, USA, and meticulously pressure tested before hitting the store, so you can rest assured that at Pawn Armor, quality and safety are our top priorities.

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The Condor Elite Tactical Vest features air mesh padding on the shoulders that helps reduce strain on pressure. points. A mesh liner improves airflow, making this Condor tactical vest ideal for warmer weather. If you're looking for a no-fuss, no-muss carrier vest, the Condor Cross Draw Vest setup is your solution.

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Founded in 2020, Pawn Armor US looks to become the premier destination for law enforcement, hobbyists, or anyone else looking to take their protection to the next level. We noticed a huge lack of options for bulletproof protection that wasn't overly complex and expensive, so we set out to make bulletproofing not only easy, but affordable as well.

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Build your custom tactical identification patches on-line with fast turnaround. These hook-backed panels display your agency/unit information in large bold lettering in a wide choice of sizes and colors. The custom content is precision-cut on polyurethane film and permanently heat-fused to a tough, abrasion-resistant 500 denier nylon fabric ...


HONOS is working on its Generation 2 PE Soft Armor. Currently in for NIJ Certification, it is lighter, more flexible, and going to be available in more than fifty (50) sizes by the end of summer 2019. Best part of all, it's going to be $399 or less to law enforcement. Beat that price!

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Bulletproof Zone's Ultimate Guide to Body Armor. Bulletproof Zone has the MOST up-to-date and comprehensive guide to all things Body Armor! Check out our Best Body Armor: The Ultimate Buyer's Guide to learn more about the various types of body armor, the NIJ armor ratings, the best armor for any situation, how to properly care for your gear, and SO MUCH …

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Best Soft Armor for Civilians & Law Enforcement. 1. Safe Life Defense Level 3A Vest. A light and comfortable all-in-one solution that can be worn outside to be super concealable. Safe Life Defense Body Armor, Level 3A (R) and FRAS (L) Here's …

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All of Kejo's Military and Police Body Armor is designed to meet the stringent specifications and application needed by Law Enforcement; The Kejo™ Military Assault Vest, Level IIIA, with front, back and side ballistic protection is designed as a high-mobility front opening vest to be worn over a soldier's uniform.

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Hoplite Armor, LLC reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse the sale of body armor to any person or entity. Additionally, the online sale of body armor to residents of Connecticut is strictly prohibited, unless the sale is made to certain law enforcement or military personnel, or through a face-to-face transaction.

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Vested Interests. August 1, 2001 • by Gila Hayes •. Bookmark +. Women have filled varied roles in law enforcement for nearly a century, yet only with the equal opportunity acts of the '60s and '70s did the numbers of patrol officers rise noticeably. Subsequently, duty gear began to tentatively adapt to the needs of officers.

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Velocity Soft Armor. As I stated at the beginning of this article, I needed soft armor for use in a Law Enforcement role. The soft armor backers used in most plate carriers don't give enough coverage in my opinion. The SPEAR cut is a good option and would allow them to be used in different vest platforms which is nice.

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Bomb blankets are used in aircraft, maritime, transport vehicles, tactical command centers and embassy staff. Offering soft and hard armor technologies for law enforcement and government agencies. Custom armors are also available. Made in the USA.

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Beez Combat Systems manufactures body armor carriers, load bearing systems, and other tactical gears for military, law enforcement and responsible citizens. We use advanced materials, unique design, and have semi-custom capabilities. COVID-19/CIVIL UNREST/SUPPLY CHAIN ISSUES. ACTION . WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS . CURRENT TURN TIMES ARE 1-3 …

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Chase Tactical offers a full line of Level IIIA Soft Armor vest packages and improved plate carrier options for first responders. Our Military and Law Enforcement Grade soft armor is currently in use by departments and …

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There are many other types of these soft armors that are available that assist in improving the safety especially when combined with other body armors like armor plates. Using a soft armor is perfectly suited for various agencies that deal with law enforcement like police, military and detectives especially if they are regularly in situations ...

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Body armor and related products for the Law Enforcement profession. Overt, Concealable, and Tactical armor options.

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Maintain your body armor. Taking care of body armor is one of the best ways to ensure it fits properly. After the outer vest and the ballistic panels are cleaned, it is best to assemble the vest correctly, ensuring each plate is placed in the right way. This will allow the vest to retain its shape and fit. Outer vest carriers may be washed in a ...

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Razor—AE's thinnest soft armor system Seraph Vortex Halo—AE's most flexible soft armor system Quantum and FMS—cost-efficient soft armor systems All soft armor systems are rated for Threat Levels II and IIIA, and all are available for both men and women.

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Our Level IIIA soft body armor and wraparound body armor products are proudly made in the United States. Spartan Armor Systems Ceramic/Composite Body Armor Packages We are trusted by law enforcement departments, the U.S. military, first responders and prepared civilians as a leading supplier of quality, affordable body armor solutions and ...

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Veterans MFG® is a defense industry manufacturer of anti-ballistic materials that are utilized to produce some of the strongest, lightest and thinnest defense products possible. We are a government direct contractor and OEM materials supplier. Our products and materials are currently restricted to supplying governments and manufacturers only.

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BlueStone Safety Products manufactures protective products for law enforcement, military, fire departments, schools, and the civilian market. We specialize in body armor, bulletproof backpack panels, custom vest carriers, concealed carry holsters, concealment vests

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Opinions on Soft Body Armor ... And as an added bonus US Armor will have a rep come to your department and measure everyone and have an option for custom made for officers who don't fit the generic sizing at little cost ... hiring hiring process holster interview lapd law enforcement new york nypd police sheriff texas ...

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Being the best, and with outstanding properties, UHMWPE body armor is the priciest. Depending on the level of protection you need a UHMWPE bulletproof vest will set up back between $300 and $1000. Kevlar is the other renowned material in the manufacture of body armor. Kevlar is a highly tensile synthetic fiber.

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Tactical Rifle Urban. Custom made for your Urban Rifle. Today's Law enforcement Officers need ammunition specifically designed for use in semi-automatic rifles or "Urban Rifles" such as variants of the M-16 or AR-15. Federal TRU ammunition is engineered using mil-quality specifications for ideal functioning in these firearms.

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First responders uniforms are not complete until they have the armor needed to protect officers from bullet and blade. Go Tactical carries top-quality body armor designed for men and women and ensures custom-fit for superior protection. Hi-Tech Protection Go Tactical is an authorized dealer for Armor Express, the premier manufacturer of body armor.

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Nate's leather supports our men and women in uniform. We have been offering high quality Police Jackets and accessories for the LEO community for over 50 years. A portion of the sales of these products go back into helping support Law enforcement.

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body armor (James, 2016). Most law enforcement officers who were killed with a firearm while wearing body armor were shot in the head and neck, and some of them were shot in a part of the torso that was not protected by the body armor (James, 2016). Because the problems of body armor cause a lot of negative consequences (e.g.,

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Soft ballistic vests (or body armor) have been available to law enforcement officers since 1973. Modern body armor is more comfortable, lighter and more flexible than ever. It is made with synthetic fibers: Kevlar (DuPont, Wilmington, DE), Spectra (Honeywell, Morristown, NJ), or Zyloflex (Toyobo Co., Ltd., Osaka, Japan).