Bruery Terreux Tart Of Darkness with Black Currants 2018


Tart of Darkness is a sour Stout aged in oak, Brewed to resemble a Stout at it’s foundation, the journey into darkness begins with fermentation in large oak puncheons at Bruery Terreux, where it’s treated with a special blend of souring bacteria and wild yeast cultures. Following a slow but wildly active fermentation, the beer is transferred for extended aging into a dedicated collection of used oak barrels for Tart of Darkness. This includes emptied bourbon barrels from the Bruery that previously held beers such as Black Tuesday. This special edition was aged with black currants, imparting ripe, jammy notes to our awesomely dark and roasty sour Stout.

pays Bière americaine
modes Barrel Aged Sour
Brasserie The Bruery
ABV% 6.2 %
Taille 37.5cl

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